Walking Update – Week 4, 2018

Step Update for week 4 of 2018, 22nd January 2018 to 28th January 2018.

Step Data




Monday  15,279 15,000
Tuesday  15,226 15,000
Wednesday  16,901 15,000
Thursday  16,651 15,000
Friday  15,695 15,000
Saturday  17,457 15,000
Sunday  15,335 15,000
Total  112,544 105,000

Looking at the Numbers

The highest day of the week was Saturday with a total of 17,457 steps, while the lowest day was Tuesday with 15,226 steps.

The total steps for the week were 112,544 which works out to an average of 16,077 steps per day across the week. This gives a total of 456,280 steps year to date.


Since last week my total for the week has dropped off a little bit. Some of this can be attributed to an increase in other exercises that I have been undertaking. Mainly in the form of getting on my bicycle and riding five out of seven days for a total of almost 72km. I am planning to continue the bike riding and will hopefully see an equilibrium establish over the coming weeks.

In saying the above I do like the idea of maintaining a more consistent walk over the days the of the week. Occasional spikes on one day are ok, but I do like being within that 1,000 steps just over the goal, instead of being way over every day. Working with these sort of goals is all about balance to ensure that other areas of life are not suffering as a result.

This Time Last Year

You can have a look at the full post from last year, Week 4, 2017, it does not contain commentary but the numbers are there.

The total steps for the week were 112,073 last year compared to 112,544 this year. While the average steps each day was 16,010 last year and this year it is 16,077. The year to date total was 484,971 last year compared to 456,280 this year. The year to date steps may have some variance does to the timing of the week in the year.

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