Walking Update – Week 2, 2018

Step Update for week 2 of 2018, 8th January 2018 to 14th January 2018.

Step Data




Monday  15,657 15,000
Tuesday  15,167 15,000
Wednesday  15,552 15,000
Thursday  16,791 15,000
Friday  18,526 15,000
Saturday  17,024 15,000
Sunday  19,506 15,000
Total  118,223 105,000

Looking at the Numbers

The highest day of the week was Sunday with a total of 19,506 steps, while the lowest day was Tuesday with 15,167 steps.

The total steps for the week were 118,223 which works out to an average of 16,889 steps per day across the week. This gives a total of 230,813 steps year to date.


The second week of the year for Brisbane has felt like one of the hottest since last summer. In some ways, this has made it somewhat difficult to feel comfortable walking. But then again doing the hard work to walk is not about always feeling comfortable.

One way that I have found to beat the heat a little is to spend some time walking in shopping centres. Even though it is not always ideal with the number of people around especially during school holidays. At least it is air-conditioned and does provide some relief from the heat.

I did not intend the result that I achieved on Sunday when I set out. It just turned out that where I needed to be and circumstances saw me walk a little more than required. Especially considering that it was also the hottest day of the week recording a temperature of over 37 degrees Celsius.

This Time Last Year

I thought I would try doing a little comparison to the same time last year. You can have a look at the full post from last year, Week 2, 2017, it does not contain commentary but the numbers are there.

The total steps for the week were 115,877 last year compared to 118,223 this year. While the average steps each day was 16,554 last year and this year it is 16,889. The year to date total was 249,428 last year compared to 230,813 this year. The year to date steps may have some variance does to the timing of the week in the year.

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